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Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery


At DTWOU Store, we strive to provide a seamless shopping experience for all your needs, just like the leading online retailers. Our shipping and delivery policies ensure that you receive your orders in a timely and reliable manner. Please review the following information to understand our shipping and delivery procedures.

Order Dispatch Time

We work with reputable logistics partners to ensure efficient and reliable delivery services, regardless of the products you order. Typically, we aim to ship your order within 24 to 48 hours from the time of receiving your order. The delivery time may vary depending on your location, but in most cases, you can expect your order to arrive within 3 to 7 business days. Please note that delivery times may be longer for remote or distant areas.
If you receive a delivery confirmation via SMS or email from DTWOU or our logistics partner but haven’t received your order, please report the issue to us within 48 hours of receiving the confirmation. We won’t be able to address complaints reported after this 48-hour window.
We keep you informed about the progress of your order. Once your order is dispatched, you will receive an SMS and an email containing shipping details, including the courier company and docket number. You can also track your order through your DTWOU account in the “Orders” section.

Pricing and Payment

The prices displayed on our website at the time of ordering are guide prices. The actual prices you’ll be charged for the goods will be the prices listed in your bill, including any applicable promotional offers. Please understand that prices may change between the day you place your order and the day of delivery.
The weight of some items may vary slightly from what you ordered, and the price may be adjusted accordingly. Prices in your shopping cart are estimates. Our prices include GST.
We verify your payment details when you place your order to ensure security. These checks are made to confirm your identity, and they do not affect your credit rating. Your personal information is treated securely and with the utmost confidentiality.
Payment is typically taken at the time of order placement or on the day of delivery or collection to cover the cost of the goods and any delivery or collection charges. We offer various payment methods, which you can find on the DTWOU website.

Supply of Goods

We provide goods for personal use as retail consumers. We reserve the right to refuse orders that we consider for commercial or non-domestic purposes. We may supply goods to shipping agents or agents who sell our products to third parties. When products are used for non-domestic purposes, we provide warranties and conditions related to fitness for that specific purpose to the fullest extent permitted by law.
All goods purchased by consumers and re-sellers comply with technical, safety, labelling, and other legal requirements in India. Food goods are delivered at the appropriate temperature. We cannot accept responsibility for goods that have been stored or handled inappropriately after delivery.
Customers who add items to their shopping cart are responsible for verifying that the correct items have been added, and all orders must be checked out before delivery.
Goods are subject to availability and prevailing market conditions. If any items you wish to purchase are unavailable, DTWOU will try to offer you alternative goods of a similar nature, which may have a different price.

Shopping Experience

At DTWOU Store, we are committed to providing the best shopping experience. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Care. We appreciate your trust in us as your online shopping destination.